ABLE Courier
Because Time is Your Most Important Resource
Summary of Services

"When my clients say, can I have it today? --I say, no problem!"

"I've got Able on my side!"

  • Scheduled Deliveries - Let Able Courier extend your staff with daily scheduled deliveries and interoffice deliveries
  • Round Trip Rates - Save 50% on the return rate if your delivery requires a round trip
  • Truck/Van and Oversize Deliveries - Available for all your larger deliveries
  • 24/7 - Evening, Weekend and Holiday deliveries 

Why Wait for Next Day, When You Can Have it Right Away! 

  • Legal Deliveries - We'll take care of your court filings and have time and date stamp documentation for your records
  • Airport Pick-ups - We'll be there to meet the flight and get your delivery to its final destination
  • Medical Deliveries - We understand the critical nature of medical deliveries and know our way in and out of every medical center in the Mid-Atlantic

Daily Service Options:

  • Standard Service - Any package picked up from point of origin by 10 am and delivered to destination by 5 pm
  • 4 Hour - Able will pick-up from place of origin and deliver to destination within 4 hours of your order*
  • 2 Hour/Express - Able will pick-up from place of origin and deliver to destination within 2 hours of your order*
  • Stat/Immediate - Nonstop delivery from origin to destination.  Please call for rates*

*Inclement Weather/Rush Hour - If a traveler's advisory has been issued all deliveries will be charged at the Express rate and we cannot guarantee delivery time.  A delivery time for all pick-ups scheduled during rush hour cannot be guaranteed.



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